CCGG 2014: Conference on the Church for God’s Glory

Please mark Monday, May 19, on your calendar for the Conference on the Church for God’s Glory here at our church.  The theme of this year’s CCGG is “Shepherding the Shepherd.”

Our speakers are all men who have served as pastors, trained pastors, or both. Topics and speakers include the following: Shepherding the Shepherd (Mike Harding); A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the Spiritual Gift of Leadership (David Huffstutler); 1 Timothy 3:1–7: The Call of God and the Qualifications for the Shepherd (Bruce Compton); The Shepherd and Suffering (Scott Williquette); Dealing with Conflict While Shepherding the Flock (T. J. Klapperich); Jesus Christ: The Shepherd of Shepherds (Steve Thomas); The Shepherd and His Family (Al Benson); and The Successful Shepherd: What to Do When You’re Not One (Kevin Bauder).

Please consider setting aside this one day to serve in some way in order to help our church minister to a number of pastors and Christian leaders. Through your service in making this conference happen for its 12th year, the Chief Shepherd will minister to those who attend through the Spirit and the Word. They will benefit from these sessions by hearing what are often difficult topics for a pastor to preach to his own church, let alone hear for themselves.

The nature of our theme and topics this year is important for pastors’ wives to hear as well. To encourage pastors to bring their wives, we have allowed all ladies to attend the conference free of charge, even if their husbands are unable to attend. The only caveat is that the publisher’s bookroom will be limited to attendees who have paid to attend the conference.

As usual, once registration begins and we begin to receive the names of those who will attend, we will pray for each attendee by name. Until then, pray that God would use our church to minister to these pastors once again through this wonderful conference.

See you on May 19th!