Weekly Schedule


Sunday - 930 Morning Worship - 1115 Sunday School | Wednesday - 7PM Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

Our weekly schedule

9:30 AM - Morning Worship in the auditorium
10:45 AM - Coffee and Fellowship
11:20 AM - Sunday School
12:00 PM - Dismiss

Sunday Afternoons

12:00 PM – Lunch (please bring your own) in the fellowship hall

12:45–1:30 PM – Afternoon Service in the fellowship hall

5th Sunday 
12:00 PM – Fellowship Lunch (bring a dish to pass)
1:00–1:45 PM – Testimonies and Hymns
Every time a month has a fifth Sunday, we coordinate a lunch and have a special time of fellowship, testimonies, and praise after our Christian Life Hour. Each family typically brings something to eat for themselves and enough to share with others. 

7:00 PM - Prayer Meeting and Bible Study

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